Don't leave fido at home all day while you're at work! We will take care of your fur baby while you're away. A group walk is a great way to socialize your pet with fellow friends and burn off that excess energy. We manage the collection and drop off of your pooch too.  We also offer solo walks for the more shy types and washroom breaks for the lazy pooches.
A young pup can suffer from separation anxiety and a small bladder. Our puppy visits will  provide your new puppy quality one on one time.  We will play, feed, and let your puppy out.  You will receive updates and photos on every visit. As well we can help with basic training of your new addition 

We will come check up on your kitty while you are away. While there we will feed scoop, brush and play (water any plants if necessary) 
While you are away for business on a holiday or Fido needs a day away, you can relax knowing your pooch is having fun with the highest quality care. You will come home to a happy happy doggie. We love your dog!
Not sure boarding is suitable for your pet? Maybe your pooch is shy and would prefer to stay in the comfort of his or her home while you are away...don't worry we

 will come to your home 3 visits per day. Morning visit (walk and feed), Afternoon (1 hour walk), Evening visit (walk and feed) . 


The Best Harnesses and Leashes and more to come!